Good Slut Bad Cop

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A young girl in a purple top and black jeans stood in a bedroom. She has a great curvy figure. She is hot and stunning. She has taken a support against the wall. A cop stood behind her. He wore a blue shirt with a black jacket and black jeans. He is stroking gently his hands on her petite body and pressing her boobs from behind. Moving forward he is rubbing her vagina over black jeans from behind. Now he takes off his black jeans.

She has great bulging butts. He is stroking his hands on her butts and rubbing her clitoris as well as he is licking her pussy from behind. He is taking a taste of her sweet pussy. Meanwhile, she is making some sensual sounds and making some facial expressions. Then he lights up her purple top. Thereafter they came to bed. She kneels down. Now cop inserts his wand into her vagina and gradually fucking her sleek pussy by a wand. She is enjoying his wand.

Now he mounts up onto a bed and stuck his sturdy dildo into her mouth. She is giving him a hard blowjob as well as rubbing his cock to get dildo more erected. Meanwhile, she is rubbing her clitoris too. She is rolling his dildo and pressing his testicles. Now he takes off his shirt and starts to fuck her with a condom in stand & deliver position. He is giving her hard and deep jerks. He is fucking her passionately and giving her deep penetration.

She is enjoying his hard penetration. He is stroking his hands on her entire petite and sexy body. She is getting tempted more when she is feeling his hand strokes. Hereafter they change their position. Now they are enjoying with standing posture from behind. He is fucking her in candle position. He clenched her both hands from behind and fucking her badly with deep jerks. He is penetrating her with candle position.

She is feeling pain in her sleek pussy and crying loudly at there. He is constantly fucking her badly in candle position. He tears off her sleek pussy. Now she kneels down and tugging his dildo. She is rubbing his dildo against orgasm came. She is taking his dildo into her mouth and taking a taste of dildo to orgasm came. Then she left his dildo and guy masturbate himself to orgasm came. She is waiting for his orgasm to sprinkle on her face. At last, he got discharged and pour his whitish orgasm on her face and boobs.


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