Glamour maid fucked in stockings and high heels

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A maid in a black and white outfit cleaning a bedroom. She is adjusting mattress and abruptly find a transparent glass dildo on bed. She takes dildo and starts to play with it. She is stroking that transparent dildo on her breasts and taking into mouth. Now a guy came inside bedroom and watching her while she is playing with dildo. She is taking dildo in her mouth and rubbing her clitoris simultaneously.

Then she penetrates that dildo in her sleek pussy to take pleasure herself. She get shocked when she saw a guy is watching her while taking pleasure. Moving forward, a guy who is owner of her came nearby her and takes seat. She scared of her owner. He fastened her head firmly. Now both smooching each other passionately. Meanwhile he is rubbing her pussy then he ascends her over his thighs.

Now he is smooching her again with intense passion. He is pulling her black panty and rubbing her sleek pussy simultaneously. Then inserting that finger into her mouth. He slights down her uniform. She has great bulging boobs to suck. He is constantly rubbing her pussy and inserting his finger deeply into vagina to stimulate her for the next session.

Thereafter maid lie down on bed and her owner takes off her black panty. He is licking her sleek pussy. Meanwhile he is fucking her with his two fingers. She is getting aroused. Now she get up and kneels down on bed. Then guy opens the zip of his pant. He stood behind of her. He coated his sputum on his dildo as well as on her sleek pussy. Now he penetrates his dildo from behind and starts to fucking her in standing dragon position.

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Now they changed their position again. He is fucking her in spoon position. He is rubbing her lusty boobs. At last he stands and she kneels down then takes his dildo in her hands. She takes his dildo in her mouth and giving him masturbation rapidly. He takes his dildo on his hands and masturbating himself. Finally he got discharged and sprinkle his orgasm on her face. She strokes his semi-flaccid dildo and takes orgasm into her mouth. She licks his orgasm by her index finger. She is feeling horny now. She is stroking fingers on her petite and dirty body. She enjoyed a lot with her owner inside bedroom.


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