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A sensuous girl with a sexy figure is sitting in her office. No one is in the office. she has big boobs and she is so hot. she is thinking about sex due to this she feels her pussy is wet from liquid discharge. She takes tissue paper and starts to clean the pussy. suddenly a man came to a room. he saw all the activities of girl.

She came out from her chamber. Man is a technical guy come to repair the Machines of the factory. girl call him in her chamber after little introduction  they shake hands and man and women look into each other's  eyes, the man starts rubbing her boobs open the button on her shirt  and  he find very big boobs in black bra meanwhile girl wants to know the size of mans man penis so she also start rubbing his penis over the jeans.

men get the signal that girl wants his penis. so he takes off his jeans then girl removes his underwear. a big smile come out on her face when she saw a big long penis of him. girl sitting on a chair then and start licking her pussy over from panty in Virgo position Although we can say Virgo position while standing but here I am using it due to similarity. Girl excited very much due to licking.

Then she starts giving pleasure to him so she stands up and boy come in girls chair, boy was totally nude but a girl did not remove her dress she wants to enjoy oral sex and penetration in a corporate manner only. a girl starts sucking penis in plumber position both of them enjoyed very much. After oral sex they start searching  for real penetration the man suggests girl that they will do from back so she will get deep penetration, girl bend  herself on table and men take his hand to her skirt  and find the place, he just side of her Panty and insert his penis into pussy as in venus  position, Man find her G Spot very easily.

After some strokes, they feel they are very much pleased and now it's time to come and leave the place. so the boy put his dress and went away and girl touch up herself for next event.


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