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One guy waiting for someone in deserted forest. Abruptly one young girl came from there. She wore brown color salwar. They both put their hands in their both arms and guy forcefully removing her salwar but she is opposing of him. Now he pulled her on his arms and rotate her.

Then he slights up her salwar and rubs her supple boobs from behind. Guy forcefully inserting his finger in her salwar and panty. She is opposing but he takes off her brown salwar from lower side. Then he pulled her firmly on his arms and start to sucking on her supple boobs. He kept her on his thighs firmly and caressing her forcefully but she is still denying. Now guy rubs her clitoris to his fingers and licking her hairy pussy.

Afterward guy removes her salwar properly but she put on again. She is getting frightened and looking everywhere that nobody is coming there. Guy still enforcing her to have intercourse with him in deserted forest. He squeezed her firmly and rubbing her boobs more desperately.

Later on he turned her back facing towards him and squeezed her firmly on his arms. Now she completely ascended over him and guy rubbing her whole sexy body. He pressing her supple boobs wildly and then girl ties her hairs. He sucking her juicy boobs forcefully to stimulate her. Then he uplifts her and licking her belly like an animal.

Moving forward guy opens his towel which he worn and laying it down on surface. Now she lie down on towel. Guy takes his position then rubs her clitoris from his dildo and gradually penetrate his dildo in her hairy pussy. Now guy fucking young girl in missionary position and giving her some jerks desperately. Then he is trying to change her position but she is opposing. She doesn't want to change her position. Then guy ascend over her and kissing on her neck. Later on both seated there and girl making her hairs.

Now guy pulled her again and lie her down at towel. Guy wants to quench his thirst of sex but she is opposing yet. This time he lie down on towel and girl ascends over him. He slights up her salwar and pressing her boobs. Later on girl slights down salwar herself and then inserts her hairy pussy in his dildo. Now girl is taking pleasure in cowgirl position. Finally they feel orgasmic experience and left the cowgirl position. They are sharing about their recent sex experience.

Guy still enforcing her and wants to fuck her more but she is denying. She ascends over him again and guy pressing her boobs. Again they prefer cowgirl position and guy fucking her in cowgirl position. Abruptly she feels somebody is coming there and she stands but guy enforcing her yet to fucking her more. He is behaving like animals and don't want to leave her in deserted forest. Guy still wants to caress her but girl wants to leave this sex session and wants to go from that forest. Finally she left that place and guy also went from there.


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