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A guy stood in a bedroom and talking with his girlfriend. He wore black shirt and jeans. His girlfriend lying down on bed. She worn green salwar. Then they starts to hugging and smooching each other. Now he uplifts her on his strong arms and smooching her gently.

Moving forward he squeezed her on his arms firmly and rubbing her boobs from behind. Then he opens the zip of her green salwar from her backside. Then she takes off her bangles. She wore black & white color bra. Now she removes her green leggings and looking very seductive in this black lingerie. She has great petite body. Then guy removes her bra. She has cute and little boobs.

Afterward guy seated on her knees and sucking her little juicy boobs gently like a kid. He is licking her panty where pussy is. Then he takes off her black panty and kissing on her sleek pussy. Now both talking with each other.

Later on girl lying down on bed then guy came nearby her and both talking with each other about how to fuck. He lean down his both hands and starts to sucking her supple juicy boobs. Hereafter she stood aside and lean her back across the wall. Now guy came there and start to licking her hairy pussy. Then she keeps her one leg on his arms and guy continuously licking her hairy pussy. Now he stands and takes off his jeans. He is fully nude now.

Thereafter she kneel her down and takes his cock in her mouth then starts to give him a smooth blowjob. Then he uplifts her on his strong arms. Now he is fucking her on his arms in iron chef position.

Now they came to bed and she lie down there. Then both takes position. Now Guy penetrating his dildo gradually in her hairy pussy. Then he starts to fucking her in mountain climber position. He is giving her hard deep jerks. Then they turned into another position and he starts to fucking her passionately in missionary position with deep jerks.


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