bhabhi ko park me bulakar chudai ki jabardast

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One girl seating at park and waiting for someone. She wore red salwar. Then one young guy came nearby her. He is the brother in law of her. He worn pink shirt and blue jeans. Now he ascends over his bhabhi to fucking her.

Moving forward he takes off her red salwar and his shirt too. Now she is looking sexy in white bra then he also takes off his blue jeans. Meanwhile he takes off her red legging and licking her hairy pussy. Now he inserts his cock in her mouth forcefully and she is giving him blowjob. Then he takes off her white bra. Now she is completely nude.

Afterward she lies down at park and guy takes position to fucking her. He widen her both legs and rubbing her clitoris. Now he penetrates his dildo in her hairy pussy and she feels pain in her pussy. She sits when feel pain. Now he starts to fucking her in mountain climber position. They are making their own sex video. Then he changed the angle of camera and make zoom on her hairy pussy while inserting his cock.

Now he is fucking his bhabhi in missionary position and giving her hard jerks. Then she sits and guy clean his dildo. She lying down again and he penetrates gradually his dildo in her hairy pussy. Now he lean down his hands and fucking her again in missionary position. She is stroking her hands on his back and he is giving her hard jerks. He fucking her continuously in missionary position and wants to tear off her hairy pussy.

Now she sits and he rotates her back. Then she takes a doggy style position but she is denying and not possible for her. Guy convincing her again to seat in doggy style. Then she takes doggy style and he widen her pussy from behind. Now he is trying to penetrate his dildo in her pussy. But they are not comfortable in doggy style.

Afterward they changed their position again and came back to missionary position. Then he penetrates his dildo again in her hairy pussy and starts to fucking her in missionary position. He turned his position in mountain climber position. He is giving her jerks and fucking her badly in missionary position. Then she sits and ties her scattered hairs. They both taking pleasure in missionary position at its verge.

Now both hugging and caressing each other. Then he again wants to fucking her in missionary position but she is denying not to fuck more. She tying her hairs properly and guy cleaning her petite body. At last both wear up their own dress and went out from there.


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