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A man and a young lady came in a bedroom. The man wore a red shirt and black pant. The girl is looking Muslim, she wore red burkha. She is looking very beautiful. She seated on bed and guy shuts off the door. Now guy carries her on a couch and seated over her. He intended to fuck her badly inside a bedroom. He is trying to hug her and caressing her. She is getting shy. Moving forward guy takes a pillow from the bed and keep it on a couch. He inclined her on a pillow and start to smooching her wildly.

But she is not feeling comfortable on the couch and seated at there. Then she removes her some outfits. Both went somewhere and again they came on a couch. Now guy leads her down a couch and starts to smooch her wildly. Then he ascends over her and starts to pretend to fuck her in a missionary position. He is looking a lusty guy and has wild intention to fuck that lady. Then he stands and trying to open his dress but he sits again. Now he takes off her red kurta. She wore a sexy white panty.

Now guy licking her belly and girl is opposing not to lick her belly but he continues. Now guy takes off his black pant and ascends on a couch. Both take position then guy penetrates his dildo into her sleek pussy. Now guy fucking her in white panty with a missionary position on the couch. The guy takes off his underwear and starts to fuck her in missionary position again on the couch. Thereafter guy taking off her white panty and throw it under a couch. Now guy changes his position.

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She is getting tempted and stroking her both hands on his hairs. Meanwhile, the guy takes off his redshirt and again keep on in push up position on the couch. He is giving her hard jerks properly with spreading his legs more. Then guy again change her angle on a couch to fucking her at another angle. He spreads his both legs and rubbing her soft boobs. He is fucking her in g-whiz position. Finally, he got tired and girl seated on a couch. Both taking rest but guy still wants to fuck her and girl are opposing him. Now they change their position and came to the floor. They put a pillow on the floor. She lying down and guy penetrates his dildo again. He doesn't want to pause himself.


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