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A guy and a lady came inside bedroom together. She looking very beautiful and sexy in a red top and blue skirt. Guy wears a white shirt and black jeans. Both sitting together on a couch and start to smooch each other passionately. She kept a pillow in her hands. Now guy squeezed her into his arms firmly and caressing her. Both still smooching each other on a couch.

He removes her red top from an upper side and protrudes her soft boobs. He is sucking her juicy boobs continuously. Then he uplifts her blue skirt on couch desperately but she opposing. Now she lies down on couch and guy taking off her pink panty. Her blue skirt is in an uplifting position yet and a guy stroking her hands gently on her sexy thighs. He is trying to kiss her pussy but she is denying and he starts to suck her juicy boobs again. Afterward, a guy takes off his white shirt and insist her lady seat on a couch. Then he inserts his semi-erected dildo into her mouth for giving a blowjob.

She is giving him a wonderful blowjob. Now guy taking off his black jeans and both talking to each other. She wants to go somewhere and she went. She came into the bedroom again and carries a small curtain to put it on her window so nobody can watch them while intercourse. She put a curtain on a window and both start to smooch each other. Now she lies down on a couch again and guy protrudes her juicy boobs from her red top. He continued licking and pressing her boobs. Again he gives his stiffed dildo in her mouth to have a blowjob.

She is giving him a wonderful and delicious blowjob properly. She is sucking and licking gently to making his dildo more harder. Then he rubbing his dildo on her boobs. Later on, guy penetrates his erected dildo in her sleek pussy and starts to fuck her in a missionary position. Then they change their sex position and he fucks her in g-whiz position. Again he came to missionary position and fucking her continuously. Afterward, she sits over him and both fucking each other in lap dance position passionately. Again they change their position on a couch, this time they prefer doggy style. Now guy fucking her lady in doggy style hard. At last, he got a discharge and went out from a bedroom. She sits on couch and feeling relax after this hardcore fucking session.


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