Muslim girl with boyfriend in hotel room

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One Muslim girl is waiting for someone in a hotel room. She is showing her sexy and soft boobs in front of a camera. They are making their own sex video. She wore yellow burkha (Muslim clothes on the whole body ). She is tightly rubbing her boobs and pinching her nipples. She didn't wear anything under her waist and showing her hairy pussy. She is rubbing and spreading her pussy. Moving forward, one guy came near to her and inserting his finger into her hairy pussy.

he is a boyfriend of her. Then he lights up her burkha. she is looking very sexy in a golden colour bra. Meanwhile, she is giving him masturbation to his hairy dildo. The guy is lying down on a bed and she sits near to her. She is giving him smooth masturbation to make his dildo erected and he is rubbing firmly her soft boobs to stimulate her for an intense fucking session. Afterward, she removes her burkha. She looking very sexy in a golden colour bra. Then she takes off her bra. She has a great petite body. Now she leans her back on a bed and starts to rub her hairy pussy again.

She widens her pussy and rubbing her clitoris continuously. Thereafter a guy came nearby her and he is fully nude. Now both hugging each other and guy pressing her busty butts. Then guy keeps her leg on the bed and rubbing her clitoris gradually. They are smooching passionately to each other and he is pressing her busty butts firmly. Later on, guy penetrates his dildo and start to fuck her in the ballet dancer position. She keeps her both hands on his arms and taking pleasure of the ballet dancer position. Meanwhile, he is pressing and sucking her juicy boobs.

Afterward he rotates her and keeps her leg on the bed. Now he stands behind her and rubbing her clitoris with smooching. Both smooching very passionately. Now guy goes to change the angle of the camera. she lies down on a bed and waiting for her boyfriend to come nearby her to fuck hard. Now he comes and uplifts her legs then penetrate his dildo into her hairy pussy.

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