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A man and a young lady came in a bedroom. Man wore a blue towel and girl looking student. She is looking very younger than man. She wore white shirt and black jeans. She has curly hairs. Both lie down on bed and talking to each other. Moving forward man starts to smooch her and both smooching each other continuously.

Now she takes her carry bag and pick a packet of condom but she puts it on bed. Both are caressing each other. Now they seated on bed and girl taking off her black jeans with red panty. Then she is talking over phone call with someone. Later on she takes off her white shirt and she wore white bra inside.

Then she is insisting man to take off his blue towel and he is opposing. She carry a packet of condom again but man put it on bed. Man trying to remove his bra but she is denying. Now they are arguing for some reasons. Thereafter she lie down on bed after convincing her.

Now they decided to fuck without condom. Then both took position and man penetrate his erected dildo in her sleek pussy. He starts to fucking her in pull up position. Man fucking young girl continuously in pull up position and giving her hard jerks properly.

Now man bend down his hands and fucking her in missionary position. He is kissing on her neck. She kept her hands on his shoulders and enjoying this intercourse. She is getting fucked badly and man don't want to stop himself to fucking her. At last he got discharged and get satisfied.

Girl takes towel and wipe it up her pussy. Man too wipe up his filthy dildo and they share about their experience of this sex. Later on girl wear her own white shirt and man wrap up his own towel. Both went out of their bedroom.


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