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A guy came inside bedroom and sits on bed. Meanwhile one young Indian girl also came inside room. She worn traditional pink Indian salwar. They both are looking couple. Then he throws her carry bag and attack on her desperately. Both fall down together and alluring each other over bed.

Now he ascends over her and start to kissing, hugging her as well. He is passionately kissing on her neck and caressing her smoothly. She looking very beautiful in pink salwar. Then he pulled her over him and start to hug her again. She opposing him but he keeps on over bed.

Afterward he takes off his t-shirt and ascend over her. He is trying to caress her. Now he removes her salwar from upper side and start to suck her soft boobs. Then he removes his pant too and she got aroused. He still lie over her and rubbing her boobs gently.

She is feeling tempted and enjoying his gentle hands. He is sucking, licking as well her soft boobs. She put her hands upon his arms and smooching him passionately. Both are in embracing situation and he pulled her again over him. Thereafter he takes off her pink color salwar from lower side.

Then he takes his position over her and trying to penetrate his hard dildo inside her sleek pussy. He is rubbing her pussy or clitoris and adjust his dildo precisely. Now he starts to fucking her in missionary position. He is fucking her continuously and both smooching each other in missionary position.

She got tempted and feeling very horny. At last they both get satisfied after this fucking session. Both wear their own outfits and girl adjust her scattered silky hairs. She takes her carry bag and they are saying something to each other. Finally she went outside to the room.

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