Romantic Indian fuck Honeymoon Night Episode 1 saree fuck

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A nude guy smooching a lady in bedroom. A lady wore a pretty pink saree and she looking very busty in pink saree. Guy put his hands on her waist and they both caressing each other gently. He is kissing on her neck and she is rubbing his dildo precisely. She has wonderful curvy figure of body.

Now he removes her beautiful pink saree from upper side and kiss her on her blouse. They again start to smooch each other passionately. Now he rotates her back and pressed firmly her soft boobs. His dildo has been erected now and he is stroking his hands gently on her belly from behind.

She getting really tempted now and hold his cock in her hands firmly. She jerking his cock for more erection and guy squeezed her hardly kissing her on neck simultaneously. Guy continuously pressing her supple boobs and stroking his hands on her saree. Now he removes her saree she looking very beautiful and busty in pink blouse and petticoat.

Then he sits down on bed and girl sits over his thighs. She has nice silky hairs and guy stroking his hands gently on her curvy body. Then he slights down her blouse and kiss on boobs. He kisses on her belly and takes off her sexy petticoat. Meanwhile girl open her blouse buttons and shows him her short sexy pink bra. She looking splendid in pink lingerie.

Now she rotates herself front of him and guy removes her already opened pink blouse. She went somewhere and guy starts to masturbate himself. She came again. Now he shaking her big butts and both smooching each other. Afterward he sits over bed and girl give him a lusty blowjob. He lie down over bed now and she is licking gently his dildo and testicles.

later on she went outside of room and came again. Now she is only in short bra of black color. She again licking and tugging on his dildo and testicles. She is giving him a deep blowjob desperately. Now they both take position and she sits over him. She inserts slightly her sleek pussy on his stiffed dildo.

Thereafter she is fucking him wildly in cowgirl position. Both are in embracing situation and she is smooching him very passionately. Now she covers his dildo with condom to take taste of condom. She starts to fuck him again in cowgirl position and smooching him passionately over bed. At last both get satisfied and feel orgasmic experience.

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