Desi Horny Bhabhi Fingering And Fucking By Devar

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A guy pulled her bhabhi(brothers wife) towards him. Guy wore a black jeans and lady is in red and blue salwar. She is wife of guy's brother. They both met alone in the house. Both came nearby and hug each other. Man squeezed his bhabhi very firmly and they started to caress and smooch each other very passionately.

He is rubbing her butts firmly while smooching. Both are in hugging situation and smooching continuously to each other. She is crying with pain while guy rubbing her boobs firmly. Moving forward she removes her sandals then she removes her red and blue top guy get excited help her in removing cloths. She is in black bra and her boobs are big enough for sucking.

Now guy again smooching her wildly and rubbing her big butts and inserting his fingers gently in her ass hole even she already worn red legging. Afterward lady takes off her red legging and she worn white panty inside. Meanwhile man taking off his black jeans and they are getting ready for more. Then she ties her long hairs and came nearby to him.

Now guy again kissing on her neck and shaking, inserting his fingers on her butts. Lady is crying while man rubbing his fingers on her panty where pussy appeared over cloths. They again squeezed each other and smooching passionately. Meanwhile guy takes off her black bra. Lady has little bit weedy boobs.

Man pressing her boobs firmly and keeps her hand on his flaccid dildo to give him masturbation. He is smooching her and rolling her boobs simultaneously. Guy sucking her boobs and insert his finger in her belly. He is stroking his fingers smoothly on her panty where pussy is. Later on she feeling tempted now.

Both are in embracing situation and smooching with more passion. Guy went outside of room and lady feeling heat inside room. Now man came again inside room and takes off his underwear then he removes her white panty too. Thereafter they both lie down at floor over her salwar. Guy start to fucking her in missionary position.

Then she ascends over him and insert her pussy on his dildo. Man widen her ass hole to stimulate her more. Now both seated together at floor and guy insert his finger in her pussy and start masturbating to ejaculating her fast. He is rubbing her pussy and widen her pussy continuously to turn on her for more.

Now lady masturbating him too. Both are rubbing their genitals simultaneously. Finally they both get discharged and went out from the room.


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