Bombay Slut Seducing Foreign Client In Hotel After Dinner

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A young Indian lady sitting on couch with some people in hotel and sharing alcohol. Waiter bring chicken plate with chapatti in dinner, after that they all take dinner in hotel. Now Indian girl and one foreign guy who is one of them whom she shared dinner came inside hotel room.

Both are sitting together on couch. Lady wore a white salwar ,her black bra is reflected from transparent cloths and she is looking very beautiful. She is slut and foreign guy is a client of her. He wore t-shirt and jeans. Indian lady sucking gently guy's finger on couch.

Meanwhile foreign guy inserts his finger in her panty and caressing her softly through kissing on her neck. Now she keeps her hand on his hairs and both smooching gradually. They both affixing their tongue passionately while smooching. They both are in embracing situation and indulge both in themselves.

She is stroking gradually her hands on his hairs. She already closed her eyes and stroking her hands on his chest and guy kissing smoothly on her cheeks. Afterward foreign guy opens his zip and extrude his dildo from inside. Lady takes his dildo in her hand and hold it precisely. She is stroking her hand on his dildo and rubbing his dildo.

Thereafter dildo has been erected more and it is very long in size. Guy stroking his hands gently on her curvy body and both affixing their tongue passionately. Now he removes her attires and sucking her juicy boobs softly. She is feeling tempted and indulge with him deeply.

Both cross their hands and cross all fingers together and caressing each other. They passionately loving each other and taking taste of interracial. She is feeling arousal and having best pleasure. Foreign guy sucking her juicy boobs continuously and enjoying this session.

Meanwhile she is stroking her hand on his erected dildo and masturbating his dildo too. She is rolling dildo and rubbing his testicles. Both affixing their tongue together and smooching passionately to each other. Indian slut making erected his dildo and pressing it softly. Later on she seated on couch and removes her dress properly.

She wore skinny white panty. Foreign guy sucking and licking her juicy boobs again. Meanwhile she stroking her both hands on her hairs and enjoying with him. Then guy takes off her white panty and both seated together on couch. They both get best experience in hotel room and guy enjoyed with Indian slut.


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