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A very sensuous woman was cleaning her house in the absence of her husband, her husband's friend was at the same house, this lady with fair complexion doing dusting in a splendid pink banarasi sari and green blouse, this lady was probably not satisfied with her husband.

The woman was trying hard to see that her husband's friend was excited to see her. She was repeatedly showing her cleavage to husband's friend by knocking down her sari's bottom. Husband's friend was understanding and trying to keep himself busy in mobile. The boy's lustful eyesight was falling on that woman. The lusty and big boobs of the woman had spelled her magic over the boy. The bra stripe from his helpless waist and disguised sari had excited the boy.

The boy was engaged in hiding his standing penis. The woman suddenly stood in front of a man and manages her sari. Her boobs and cleavage shown to man. Woman shocked and turned straight this time. The woman looked straight into the eyes of her husband's friend. She was probably trying to challenge the man. The man also looked towards the woman. Now the woman goes near to man and start dusting there.

The woman continuously provoking the man. The woman went to the dressing table and started watching Boobs, was not with the boy. The boy got up and opened his shirt. Now the boy was in vest and paint. The woman pretended to be ashamed the husband's friend caught his sister-in-law. The woman was also slowly kept on the bed. The man and the woman knew that they both want to have sex with each other. The man took the woman in her arms.

The man started lovingly the woman. The woman also started having fun .The woman forbade the man with the gesture but she would have got slipped near the man. The man stretched his hands towards the boobs of the woman. The man began rubbing the boobs and Cleavage. Then the man started kissing on the waist of the woman. The man want stimulate woman fully.

The woman also started act like dunked. The eyes of the woman began to dampen due to excitement. The man had decided to give an extreme pleasure to her by kissing only. Man started kissing on the woman's navel. Due to these kisses, the woman started taking deep breaths due to this woman's chest was rising up again and again. In the end it happened that the man got up on the woman and hides himself in woman’s heavy boobs.

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