Horny Young Paki Couple Fuking on Sofa 18 Mins wid Audio & Loud Moans =Desi Squad=

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Cute sexy girl on bright color printed sitting on sofa and having beer.Her partner also have beer too. They talk for a while and gave smootch to each other off high level voltage. meanwhile girl after long sip of beer take off her cloths and boy also do the same. now both are nude and girl jumps on boy hugged him like snake. Boy happy and tell her to sit on sofa and spread her legs, girl follow the instruction, ..... and spread her legs for him.

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Boy on sofa and girl was on top of him. She adjust herself according to man"s position and now woman on top comes into action. Girl hold boy and set her vagina according to penis erection.

Now penis find his way and boy insert his penis to wet vagina. vagina was wet from licking and fingering.

Mature boy and girl make stoke according to their desires.They were doing sex in sitting position. in this position girl face was on opp side of boy face its mean they were doing sex face to face and both enjoyed LIBRA and GEMINI positions. The exited girl jumping on his penis and boy also giving the same reaction just giving forceful strokes to her.

Now girl who was on RIDER position change the position because she want to stay on him for a long time then she took up and change the side, Now she make a back to man and sits on his lap. In this LAPTOP position boy was enjoying her buttocks when he was giving stokes to her and on front we can view the melodious movement of woman's boobs which up and downs like musical tune created by in and out of penis from vagina.

we can say the boy and were enjoying CRUCITIXION and AIRPLANE positions. At last performing sexual activity so long boy and girl tired and boy feels some pain on his penis so he stops girl and they separate from each other..... Now good Night.


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