Fucking friend's girlfriend after offer her wine in hotel room

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A man offer her wine and she drink in hotel room. She is Indian girl looking very sexy in white outfits. She seat on bed and man came near her. Man wore short and black t-shirt. Now, she stands from bed and man starts to hug her. Then he takes off her light blue jeans. She worn grey color panty which is very short in size. Now he takes off her panty and push her towards bed. He sits back of her in doggy style and move her top upward. He starts to rubbing her boobs and thighs gently.

She has amazing body with soft and smooth thighs. He insert his finger into her vagina and licking her back wildly and she feeling seduce. She lie down reversely on bed and man still stand at behind of her, kissing her back continuously. Now he is inserting his finger in her anal and try to make her stimulate. She is enjoying this fingering session. Now, guy takes off her short and again start to insert his finger in her ass. She lie down quietly on bed in reverse position. Now the time is for penetration. He gently insert his big black dildo in her sleek pussy.

It is very hard and 6 inches long dildo. She screams loudly into the bedroom after inserting the hard dildo. She feeling pain inside her soft pussy and man enjoying to fuck her hardly. Now he takes off her black t-shirt and keep on himself to fuck her hardly in hotel room. He continuously jerking her and she is screaming but enjoying too this horny jerks.Now, he keeps his one leg on bed and fucks her in doggy style. He is pressing her boobs from behind. He ascend fully on her and fucking her from behind wildly. Finally they came to floor in kneel down position after fucking on bed and he still keep on from behind in doggy style.


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