Calcutta Bhabhi 2X

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A young lady sitting beside her young boyfriend. She wore a traditional Indian saree of purple color and looking very pretty. Her black long hairs are fully scattered and looking very silky. A young guy worn white shirt and blue jeans. Both are talking to each other. Now he stroking his hand gradually on her hairs and beautiful body. He shoved her onto bed and lie over her body. Then he starts to smooch her gently. Afterward he removes her purple saree gently and make kiss on her soft belly. Then he removes her blouse and kiss her wildly over neck.Thereafter she takes off her blouse by own, she worn white sexy bra.

Then he removes her purple saree properly and start to lick her smooth legs and thighs. Now he removes petticoat of her, she worn beautiful white panty. She looking very hot and sexy in white lingerie. He is continuously licking her petite body and she is feeling tempted.Now he taking off his shirt and throw it. Then he removes her bra as well as panty and start to rub her soft boobs. Both are in embracing situation and smooching gently to each other. He is caressing and kissing her over her entire sexy body. Then he put her on his arms and squeeze her and smooch her sensually.

She is enjoying this oral sex with her partner. He is caressing her in coital alignment technique. Then he takes off his pant and licking her simultaneously.Later on they came to sidewinder position and embracing each other very sensually. He is stroking his fingers on her back to getting her tempted more. Meanwhile she also stroking her fingers on his back and on his hairs. They both get squeezed passionately to each other. They both get satisfied themselves after this foreplay session. They sit over bed and boy start to smoking cigarette


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