MIA KHALIFA - Big Tits Arab Pornstar Takes A Fan's Virginity 12 min HD

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There is a man who is looking for something outside. He picks something and puts it in his pocket. And he is doing push up. He has never had sex, so Mia Khalifa is using a sex doll as a sex lecture. He has never done cunnilingus so she practices firmly with dolls. Mia Khalifa will show you cunnilingus with real dolls as well.

And he also imitates it. This time it is an insertion. She lay down the doll and explains it firmly. He also knows how to do it because he masturbates over and over so far. And he moves doll hips and practices sex with dolls. After the lecture, Mia Khalifa is removing his clothes this time.

Finally, we can have genuine sex. Take off the T-shirt, remove the denim and remove underwear this time. He will get naked. Then have her do a hand job. Next time he will give her a practice cunnilingus. He licks her pussy hard. She feels a bit pleasant. This cunnilingus will continue for a while. And she has touched her nipples with her own boobs.

It seems that he gradually feel and getting better. And he sleeps beside her and is touching her tits. Meanwhile, she is doing a hand job. It seems that he is enjoying his boobs in various ways of touching. And she licks his cock and starts to blowjob. she will insert his cock in the hard crown at the cowgirl position. Her pussy is accepting his cock.

she slowly moves up and down to stimulate him. And he changes position to missionary position, but he does not understand the place of pussy and is puzzled by the place where you can stay, the last one ends with talking on the bed with two people.


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