MIA KHALIFA - Busty Arab Beauty Tries A Big Black Dick And Likes It 12 min HD

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A man with a blue clothes is walking. So she will go talk to him by Mia Khalifa 's car. He is very muscular and has a macho figure. We talk a little and it seems that the story is settled so we will move to the room with two people. She will touch his cock in his clothes.

And then he relaxes his trousers a bit and puts the dumplings outside. She is talking while holding his cock. And the scene changes and both of you are naked. And Mia Khalifa will take care of his face for understanding the size of his cock. His dick is very big. And she will lick his dick firmly and blow job. She slowly gets herself to the back, and she will spit and let it get wet with his dick.

In the next scene he has already inserted. You can see black cock with white condoms. She sleeps under and he is moving from the top, she is a little controlled by hand, as expected. She seems to hurt inserting too deeply. Then he will insert it in doggie style. Her pussy accepts only about half of his dick. Still he will not stop moving.

Next we will insert from the bottom at the position of the reverse cowgirl. she can not insert all of this, but it looks very pleasant. As she gradually got used to her pussy, it will be inserted deeper and deeper. And she starts exercising up and down for the first time to stimulate the cock. She is a very honey glasses.


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